How Do I Request Technical Support?

How Do I Request Technical Support?


How Do I Request Technical Support?

Open new ticket for technical support

How do I contact support?


Error Message (if available):

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Before you request support, go to Help Center and search for a potential solution.  If the solution cannot be found or does not exist, you should submit a new request for assistance.


  • You can only request assistance for your own account.  You may not request assistance for another member.
  • Submitting a request for an account that does not belong to you may be ignored.
  • One technical issue per request.  If you have more than 1 issue, please submit a request for each.
  • Request to change any part of your contact info (including First name, Last name, Birthday, Address, email address, phone numbers) will require that you attach scanned proof of ID and evidence.
    • Name corrections due to typos must resemble current names. Correcting more than 2 characters may be considered a name change, and proof of name change is required.
    • Name changes are not allowed without an official document of the change.  Please be prepared to submit evidence that proves this. This evidence must show previous names that match the current name in the account.
    • Birthday may be changed with a birth certificate and evidence proves there was a typo.
  • Your member ID is required for receiving technical support.
  • Changing any contact info will clear any previous KYC verification status and require you to verify your identification (again) through NetVerify (Jumio). Withdrawals will not be allowed until your ID is verified through NetVerify.


For your safety:

  • Only request for assistance through Help Center.
  • Never send your sensitive information to Advanced Mining or anyone claiming to be Advanced Mining over email or chat

Email Communication

Our Help Center is provided by ZenDesk.  Email communications may be sent from these email addresses:


If you do not receive any expected communication from Support via email, please check your Spam/Junk folder or add these email addresses to your safe list.


Before you begin:

There are 12 steps that walk you through submitting a new technical support request.  If you are submitting a request for the FIRST TIME with your email address, Zendesk will send you an introduction email to register for support.  You must complete the registration process before your first ticket is visible by Support.


Step-by-Step Instructions:

1     Open your browser and go to URL:
2 SSL.png   Ensure that there are no SSL certificate issues. This confirms you are actually at
3 request-support.png   From the upper-right corner, click on the "Submit a request" link.
4 Screen_Shot_2022-02-04_at_17.15.24.png   Enter the valid email address that is in your profile. Your new ticket will be sent to this address
5 Screen_Shot_2022-02-04_at_17.15.39.png  

Select "Technical Support".

From the second drop-down, select which area you need Technical Support in.

6 Screen_Shot_2022-02-04_at_17.15.51.png   For Technical Support requests, your Member ID is required.
7 Screen_Shot_2022-02-04_at_17.16.03.png  

Summarize your request in the Subject box.

For the Description box, describe the issue, error message, and/or other technical support requests.

If you're requesting changes to your contact, you must attach an unexpired and valid government issue photo ID and other evidence in Step 10.

Additionally, you must acknowledge the checkbox requirements.



8 Screen_Shot_2022-02-04_at_17.16.09.png   If there are any evidence files to attach, use this form to attach them to your ticket.
9     Re-check form for accuracy.
10 Screen_Shot_2022-02-04_at_17.16.14.png   Click the "Submit" button when ready to create a new ticket.



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